Best Sanibel Fishing Spots

Best Sanibel Fishing Spots

Great Fishing Spots on Sanibel and Captiva Islands Sanibel Fishing Spots

Truth be told: there are a lot of great fishing spots on Sanibel and Captiva Islands! Visiting the islands of Sanibel and Captiva offer a unique environment. While relaxing on the sandy beaches attracts millions of visits each year to these islands, Sanibel and Captiva offer other activities as well. As a local to the area, I can tell you that growing up on the islands involved a lot of fishing. There is no greater thrill than landing that trophy fish! Or the anticipation of a large linesider (snook) attacking a perfectly throw bait as it drifts underneath a dock. Having the right equipment can make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, choosing the right location and the right time is equally important. Yes, the fishing on these islands can be spectacular. However, it can also be very boring if done incorrectly! Let’s go over some of our favorite Sanibel fishing spots.

Sanibel Pier Sanibel Pier

Locating on the east end of Sanibel Island, the Sanibel pier is a great place to expect some action. Compared to other Sanibel fishing spots, the tide can really move fast here, so bringing at least an ounce of weight is recommended. Be sure to check our tide chart before coming out. Here you can really hook up with everything that Southwest Florida has to offer. If you have a cast net, then you can probably catch your own bait around the pier. If you are like most visitors, you probably left your cast net at home or, well, you don’t own a cast net! Not to worry, there are a couple bait shops on the island (at least). The bait box is a solid choice if fishing the pier. it is located across from Dairy Queen on Periwinkle. I would recommend shrimp if they are decent size. The problem is that in the summer, locally caught shrimp tend to be on the smaller side. The larger shrimp are found in cooler water. And given that the Gulf of Mexico is relatively shallow for a few hundred miles offshore, well the water temperatures are high, and thus the shrimp are small. Ask for some jumbo shrimp, although you will pay more for them. If unavailable, perhaps some live pinfish would do the trick. The pier is a great location to intercept schooling fish as they make their way inshore or offshore depending on the tidal flow and season. Be sure to check our tide chart for up to date information by clicking here.

Sanibel Causeway 

Spanning over three miles in length, the Sanibel Causeway offers a lot of great Sanibel fishing spots. There are three segments geographically when looking at the Sanibel Causeway; A,B & C spans. If fishing by boat, the pilings underneath all three spans are likely to produce a variety of fish. Fishing the bottom of the bridge pilings is also where you can find the goliath grouper. These massive fish can reach over 500 pounds! They are federally protected, but still a lot of fun for anglers to test their strengths. Depending on the time of year, migratory tarpon make their way through the Causeway every year. Look for crabs passing by on a strong outgoing tide. Nothing is more thrilling than hooking up with a 150 lb. tarpon by the causeway and then watching it jump 5 feet out of the water! Finally, on the beaches of the causeway, there is great flats fishing for spotted seatrout, ladyfish, snook and more. Try floating a popping cork on the bayside with a live shrimp.

Best of Captiva & Sanibel Fishing Spots – Blind Pass Blind Pass

The bridge that separates Sanibel and Captiva is referred to as blind pass. This is a great spot to fish for Redfish and Snook. You can fish on the bridge or from the shore, the choice is yours. Migratory fish are constantly coming and going through this famous pass. Try fishing the bridge after sunset when the snook really come out. There have been several beach re-nourishment projects geared to protecting the pass. After Hurricane Charley in 2004, the pass closed up and the fishing was ruined. Now with the pass open, it has again become a great spot to fish, not to mention one of or favorite beaches to visit.

We hope you enjoy our favorite Sanibel fishing spots. If you are looking for information regarding which fishing equipment to use, click here to visit our store. Here, we recommend popular fishing products that local anglers use on the islands. We also provide links to order these products on Amazon, simply because this is where you can order the best products for the lowest price.

No See Ums On The Islands – Help!

No See Ums On The Islands – Help!

No See Ums Are Here!

Everywhere! These little guys can fit through screens, and they are certainly a nuisance. As you have encountered if you’ve spent any time on these beautiful islands of Captiva and Sanibel, you have likely encountered no see ums. They can be hard to see (hence the name), and tricky to deal with as well. However, you may notice that the locals are not as concerned with these pests! Hopefully this guide offers some help with dealing with them.

What Are No See Ums?

No See Ums are known otherwise as Biting Midges, or Sand Flies. They cause painful bites and can also carry diseases. After sunset, these pests come out in swarms, causing major discomfort for tourists in particular. They often cause welts similar to mosquitos. However, there is one product I highly recommend to everyone, if you don’t already know about this local secret of the islands!

No See Um Repellant? Avon Skin So Soft!

There are several ways to reduce the nuisance these critters cause. Our local favorite is Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard. The oil works very well, however this product is specifically effective for biting midges, or “no see ums”.

I have included a link if you would like to try for yourself. I do receive a commission through Amazon, however there is no additional cost for you. For $14 and free shipping with Amazon, I recommend the 8 OZ. bonus size bottle. A lot of people like to use OFF and other mosquito repellants. This is way more effective, and more importantly to some, this has no deet whatsoever!

Click here to get rid of these no see um’s once and for all! And please leave comments with any success you other products you like to use for these critters.




World Ocean’s Day Celebration: Sanibel Style!

World Ocean’s Day Celebration: Sanibel Style!

Sanibel’s “World Ocean’s Day Beach Cleanup”

You’re Invited!

In observance of World Ocean’s Day, some locals on Sanibel have decided to organize a local event to show their support. Thursday, June 8th is officially World Ocean’s Day, and it just so happens that is when the event will take place.  From 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM, the shell museum employees have organized a beach clean up located just off island.

Sanibel Beach CleanupThis event will take place at Bunche Beach, located at 18201 John Morris Rd. Everyone is invited to attend.

This picture the to the right shows just how much litter is cleaned up on beaches. There is quite a lot of wildlife at Bunche Beach that is directly affected by the litter, especially plastic products.

How Do I Help?

If you would like to help clean up Bunche Beach, contact Stefanie Wolf at

To register for the beach clean up, contact Stefanie Wolf at Parking at Bunche Beach is $2 per hour. Thursday, June 8th from 7:00 AM until 9:00 A.M.

For more information on World Ocean’s Day click the link below.


Our Top Beach Accessories

Our Top Beach Accessories

Our Top Beach Accessories

Now that summer is officially here, now seems like an appropriate time to share our favorite beach accessories. When visiting Sanibel and Captiva island, or any beach for that matter, being prepared with the proper great will certainly enhance the quality of your vacation. Our editors have put together a collection of their top beach accessories. All of the following are available via Amazon, which should also be the lowest price guaranteed. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can save even more with free two day shipping on some items.

Top Beach AccessoriesYETI Hopper Two 30 Portable Cooler:  $349 New

This product is hands down one of our top beach accessories. YETI products have developed a reputation associated with excellence and superiority. With such a wide selection of products, the Hopper  is rated as most functional due to the portability. The shoulder strap makes this cooler much easier to transport than all others tested.  100% leakproof is a nice feature as well.

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Beats Pill + Bluetooth Speaker $199 Beach Accessory 1

It is simply a must to bring music to the beach when trying to relax on the beach. There are so many great options for this category. Bose, Sony and many other companies rank highly in this category. However, after testing, our editors stand by the sound quality offered by beats as their top choice. With a 12 hour rechargeable battery, the Beats Pill+ connects via bluetooth to devices within a 30 foot range.



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Speedo Surf Knit Athletic Water Shoe

Beach Accessory 2

Click Shoe to Purchase

If you plan on spending time in the water, these are a must have. The dense clusters of shells are enough for some to require protection. The emergency room at Healthpark Hospital, located just off island, is constantly dealing with deep cuts from tourists and locals, caused by shells. When out in the water, you really cannot see what is under you. These water shoes offer enough protection to keep shells from cutting through. You can purchase these at gift shops on the island, however our editors would recommend buying a better quality pair (Speedo) on for a better price than a lesser quality pair for more $$. By the way, they can also protect your feet should you step on a stingray.


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2017 4th of July Events on Sanibel Island

2017 4th of July Events on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Events 2017Sanibel Island Events – 07/04/2017

Start the Day Right!

For those visiting Sanibel Island for Independence Day, there are certainly a lot of activities to mark down on your calendar. To kick off 4th of July, you may want to stop by the Sanibel Community Church between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Located midway on Sanibel Island, the church is hosting a free pancake breakfast, so come hungry!

 Don’t Forget the Parade!

Next, the Annual 4th of July Parade will commence at 9:30 AM. Bring the kids for what is always a fun and exciting parade (wear plenty of sunscreen, hydrate and of course dress up!)
The parade will take place on Periwinkle Way, in front of the Baileys Shopping Center. The parade will head east and finish up near Jerry’s Shopping Center.

Finally, The Big Show!

After dinner, end the holiday with an illustrious firework display. Sponsored by the City of Sanibel, the firework display is best viewed on the Sanibel Causeway. From there, you can easily see Fort Myers Beach, Estero and Cape Coral’s displays from afar. The fireworks will launch at 9:00 P.M., rain or shine.

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Sharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island – Should You Be Worried?

Sharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island – Should You Be Worried?

Sanibel Island SharkSharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island – Should You Be Worried?

Before you start to worry about a news article you may read, or a viral video of a massive shark lurking in the Gulf of Mexico, just think of the odds: and how lucky, or unlucky rather do you feel? The odds of being attacked by a shark are close to 1 in 4 million, which can help soothe some visitors minds. But the fact remains: large sharks are lurking around Sanibel & Captiva Islands. However, according to National Geographic, September is the worst statistical month for shark attacks in Florida, with close to 100 attacks reported in Florida alone in the last century.

Most attacks are when sharks mistake prey for humans, so they are not targeting us directly. Surfers are more vulnerable to attacks, as they are responsible for over half of all shark attacks! Here is a list of some local but dangerous sharks to keep an eye out for.

Bull Sharks

This particular shark is probably the greatest threat (if any) to humans. It is responsible for most attacks in Florida. They are very aggressive, and they can live in freshwater. Some Bull Sharks have made their way far up the Mississippi River as well. This makes them one of the greatest migratory sharks on the planet.

Blacktip Sharks

The Blacktip shark is very common to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, making it potentially dangerous to beachgoers. Keep in mind, the only way this shark would attack a human is if it was mistaking you for food. If the water is very cloudy, this would potentially increase the risk for an accidental attack. The Black Tip Shark can reach over 8 feet in length.

Sharks are Very, Very Important

Despite Shark Week and Jaws, these creatures play a very important part of the ecosystem in Sanibel and Captiva Islands. They are truly apex predators in the ocean. This is what helps to maintain the food chain, essentially keeping balance for all marine life. It is important to be vigilant while in the water, but just remember that these beautiful creatures need to be protected by us.

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