No See Ums Are Here!

Everywhere! These little guys can fit through screens, and they are certainly a nuisance. As you have encountered if you’ve spent any time on these beautiful islands of Captiva and Sanibel, you have likely encountered no see ums. They can be hard to see (hence the name), and tricky to deal with as well. However, you may notice that the locals are not as concerned with these pests! Hopefully this guide offers some help with dealing with them.

What Are No See Ums?

No See Ums are known otherwise as Biting Midges, or Sand Flies. They cause painful bites and can also carry diseases. After sunset, these pests come out in swarms, causing major discomfort for tourists in particular. They often cause welts similar to mosquitos. However, there is one product I highly recommend to everyone, if you don’t already know about this local secret of the islands!

No See Um Repellant? Avon Skin So Soft!

There are several ways to reduce the nuisance these critters cause. Our local favorite is Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard. The oil works very well, however this product is specifically effective for biting midges, or “no see ums”.

I have included a link if you would like to try for yourself. I do receive a commission through Amazon, however there is no additional cost for you. For $14 and free shipping with Amazon, I recommend the 8 OZ. bonus size bottle. A lot of people like to use OFF and other mosquito repellants. This is way more effective, and more importantly to some, this has no deet whatsoever!

Click here to get rid of these no see um’s once and for all! And please leave comments with any success you other products you like to use for these critters.