Sanibel Island SharkSharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island – Should You Be Worried?

Before you start to worry about a news article you may read, or a viral video of a massive shark lurking in the Gulf of Mexico, just think of the odds: and how lucky, or unlucky rather do you feel? The odds of being attacked by a shark are close to 1 in 4 million, which can help soothe some visitors minds. But the fact remains: large sharks are lurking around Sanibel & Captiva Islands. However, according to National Geographic, September is the worst statistical month for shark attacks in Florida, with close to 100 attacks reported in Florida alone in the last century.

Most attacks are when sharks mistake prey for humans, so they are not targeting us directly. Surfers are more vulnerable to attacks, as they are responsible for over half of all shark attacks! Here is a list of some local but dangerous sharks to keep an eye out for.

Bull Sharks

This particular shark is probably the greatest threat (if any) to humans. It is responsible for most attacks in Florida. They are very aggressive, and they can live in freshwater. Some Bull Sharks have made their way far up the Mississippi River as well. This makes them one of the greatest migratory sharks on the planet.

Blacktip Sharks

The Blacktip shark is very common to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, making it potentially dangerous to beachgoers. Keep in mind, the only way this shark would attack a human is if it was mistaking you for food. If the water is very cloudy, this would potentially increase the risk for an accidental attack. The Black Tip Shark can reach over 8 feet in length.

Sharks are Very, Very Important

Despite Shark Week and Jaws, these creatures play a very important part of the ecosystem in Sanibel and Captiva Islands. They are truly apex predators in the ocean. This is what helps to maintain the food chain, essentially keeping balance for all marine life. It is important to be vigilant while in the water, but just remember that these beautiful creatures need to be protected by us.

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Sharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island - Should You Be Worried?
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Sharks Lurking Around Sanibel & Captiva Island - Should You Be Worried?
Its is a fact: sharks inhabit the waters of Sanibel & Captiva Islands. They are predators, and yes they are very dangerous creatures. This article explores potential shark encounters for Southwest Florida.
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